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There is simply no substitute for milling your own spices on demand, releasing those tantalizing flavors and aromas exactly when you need them. That's why we custom designed a precision electric spice grinder. Just toss in the dry-roasted spices, and in moments, they'll be ready to enliven your palate and fire up your recipes on an adventure in great taste.

Using the Spicy Gourmet Spice Grinder

Spicy Gourmet Spice Grinder

The custom designed Spicy Gourmet Spice Mill is strong, powerful, lightweight and durable. It features the highest quality stainless steel blade and a domed top that doubles as a measuring cup so you can see how much you’ve milled without taking off the top. 

For best results, place the spices in the mill, replace the domed top and turn the mill up side down. Now, depress the switch and while the mill is running, slowly turn the mill the right way up. We do this to ensure that the spices do not get trapped between the blade and the bottom of the receptacle, resulting in permanent damage to the blade and mill. 

To ensure even and thorough milling, press the on/off button to create a pulsing action and shake the mill slowly and gently as if you were mixing a cocktail in slow motion. Cleaning the unit is easy; simply wipe inside and out with a dry cloth. 


Never place the mill or the top in a dishwasher, or use the mill to mix wet ingredients.

This mill is intended to be used to grind spices only. When grinding Ceylon Cinnamon, please break the cinnamon stick into smaller pieces before placing in the grinder. 

Do not use it for grating nutmeg. 

Do not use to grind Cassia cinnamon. The bark of the Cassia is extremely hard and will result in damage to the mill.


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    The Spicy Gourmet uses only GMO Free USDA Certified Organic Spices that contain no additives or preservatives of any kind. We purchase our spices from small organic farmer associations in Sri Lanka and from community farmers in India. Our Fair Trade status is vouched for by Trust Organic Small Farmers – an alliance for eco-ethical trade and goods.

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