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 Hors d'oeuvres

Papadums with mango salsa – Lentil wafers

Frikkadels - Deep fried Halibut Fish Balls


 Mulligatawny Soup – Lightly spiced, chicken or lamb in a coconut milk base (**Garam Masla)

Parippu Hodi Soup – Yellow Lentils with coconut milk and cilantro garnish (** Tadka Spices)


Yellow Fried Rice – Basmati “king of rice” rice sauteed and cooked with onions, turmeric, cardamoms cloves and Ceylon cinnamon. (**Aromatic Rice Spices)

Rice Sticks – Sri Lankan noodles stir fried with onions, spices, curry leaf and green onions (**Island Blend)

Meats and Seafood

Kukul Mas  – Traditional Sri Lankan chicken curry flavored with roasted spices and coconut milk ( **Ceylon Roast)

Chicken tandoori – Marinated in yogurt, tandoori garam masala and broiled ( **Tandoori Masala)

Harak Mas – Flank steak marinated in Ceylon Roast spice blend and simmered in coconut milk ( ** Ceylon Roast)

Kashmiri Rogan Josh – Cubed leg of lamb simmered in a blend of spices and yogurt (**Classic Garam Masla)

Uru Mas – Pork butt or picnic curried with a Ceylon Roast spice blend ( **Ceylon Roast)

Isso Hodi – Shrimp spiced and simmered in a coconut and tomato base ( **Individual Spices)

Vegetable Entrees

Annasi Hodi – Pineapple in spiced tomato and coconut sauce (** Turmeric, Fennel)

Bonchi badala– Long green beans sautéed spices ( **Island Blend)

Thankkali – A tangy curry with fresh tomatoes ( **Balti Masala)

Brinjal Bartha – Eggplant Puree ( **Fragrant Garam Masala)


Coconut Sambol – Freshly, grated coconut with lime and spices (** Cayenne!)

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