Tips for Reducing your Consumption of Red Meat

Posted by Miranda Marquit on July 25, 2014 (0 Comments)

Not too long ago, I came to the realization that I hadn’t eaten red meat in weeks. The only reason that it came to my attention was because I was, at the time, eating a steak. While I enjoyed the steak, I also realized that I hadn’t really missed the red meat. Rather, it had become something of a treat.

Reflecting on my changing eating habits, I also realized that I felt better and had lost a little weight. I’ve always been reasonably active, and the health benefits of eating less red meat were made even more apparent when paired with my activity level.

While you don’t have to swear off red meat forever in order to be healthy, you can give your body a little boost by reducing your intake of red meat. Here’s how to gradually change your eating habits to get away from the idea that you need to have red meat three to five times a week:

Replace Red Meat with Other foods

The easiest thing to do is to replace your red meat with leaner meat. We started eating more chicken and fish. Start by replacing one red meat entree a week with something else. You can gradually increase the number of red meat entrees you replace over time.

You can also replace meat with other foods. You might be surprised with what you can do with many different vegetarian dishes. The right spices can further enhance the flavors in your food. Look online for vegetarian recipes, check out Dinesh's Mixed Curry Vegetable recipe, or buy a vegetarian cookbook. Meatless entrees can be great ways to cut some of the red meat from your diet, improving your health.

Fill up on Other Foods First

Eat your salad and have some fruit before you dig into your meat entree. When you eat out, order a smaller steak. Last time I had steak, I ordered a petite, rather than getting something larger. If you eat the vegetables and have a few sips of water before you start on your steak, you might be surprised to find that a smaller piece satisfies you.

As I found, another benefit to reducing the red meat in your diet is that it becomes more of a treat. I enjoy my red meat more, since I only have it once every month or so. I savor it, and that helps a smaller portion go a long way as well.

You don’t need to take red meat off the menu to benefit from eating less of it. Make it a point to reduce your red meat consumption, and replace it with healthier options, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

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