Why You Should Use Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt Instead of Regular Table

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Miranda recently wrote about the 5 spices you could use in place of salt, but that doesn't mean you need to remove salt from your kitchen cabinet. However, if you want to take care of your health, you should limit your salt intake, right?  After all, salt can lead to high blood pressure, can dehydrate you, and can also result in bloating and water retention.  

The above is true, if we're talking about traditional table salt.  However, Himalayan salt should have a place at your table because it offers a surprising array of benefits.  Himalayan salt:

  • is rich in minerals (containing over 80 minerals and trace elements),

  • is high in naturally occurring iodine (table salt has added iodine), and

  • improves hydration,

to name just a few benefits.

Why Is Traditional Table Salt Bad for You?

Traditional table salt, the little white crystals we're all familiar with, is a processed food.  The minerals and trace elements are stripped from it, and the salt is processed at a high temperature.  Iodine and other ingredients are added back in.  

Because the natural minerals and trace elements are gone and the salt is comprised mainly of sodium chloride, your body must use water to break down the sodium chloride and flush it from your system.

By contrast, Himalayan salt is a pure salt without additives and does not undergo high heat processing.  Himalayan sea salt is more easily absorbed by your body, so it does not deplete your body of water as traditional table salt does.  Furthermore, Himalayan sea salt doesn't increase your blood pressure as traditional table salt does.

Why Is Himalayan Salt Pink?

You may find the pink color of Himalayan sea salt off putting, especially if you have only known the pure white of traditional table salt.  Rest assured, the pink color is a good thing; it has that color because all of the trace minerals and elements are intact.

How Does It Taste?

Once you make the switch to Himalayan salt, you will likely find that it has a deeper, more subtle flavor than traditional table salt.  If you switch back to the processed table salt, you'll likely find that it has an overpowering flavor.

To improve your health and season your food, try Himalayan salt!

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